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Do I need a user account?

You must have a GI-BMP user account to use certain features of this site - for example, to take the GI-BMP online training.

You can register for in-person classroom training without an account. However, creating an account now will help you in the future. It will be easier to get your training history, request a new training certificate, or register for more classes.

Creating an account is easy. Just click the link on the left and fill in the online form. You must have an email address because the link to activate your account will be emailed to you.

What is GatorLink?

GatorLink is an individual's computer network identity at the University of Florida. Every applicant, student, faculty and staff member is expected to have a GatorLink username and password.

If you already have a GatorLink username you can use it on GI-BMP Training Site. You do not need to create a new account; just log in using your GatorLink username and password.

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