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GI-BMP DVD Training

The free GI-BMP training DVD can be used by individual students, or as a tool for facilitated group training. The training modules can be viewed using a standard DVD player and television or computer.

The steps to become certified using the DVD training are:

  1. Get the DVD. You can order it online below, or re-use a DVD obtained by someone else.
  2. When you receive the DVD, register online as a DVD student.
  3. View the complete DVD training (six modules).
  4. Log on to your student account to sign the affidavit of completion.
  5. Take the certification test, either online, at your local extension office, or with an approved proctor. (There is a $15 fee for the online test option; no charge to take the test in person.)

Use the links below to learn more, or to get started on your DVD training.

  • How it works / student policies
    Procedures, policies and options to use the training DVD for GI-BMP certification.
  • Order the DVD: Use the online order form to request your free DVD and manual.
  • Register as a DVD student
    Register online before you begin your DVD training to assure you have a valid, current DVD, and we can notify you of updates or changes in procedures.
  • Purchase coupons for online test option
    Purchasing coupons allows you to pay for a test that an employee or someone else will use. Each coupon code can be used only once to purchase the online DVD test or the online training. Unused coupons are not refundable, but they do not expire, and can be used any time in the future.
    Note: you can pay for your own test directly; you do not have to use coupon for yourself.


Employers/training facilitators: If you are using the DVD for employee classes, please see "How It Works" to learn about more options for facilitated group trainings.

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